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Every person trying to move an item would tell you how difficult it could be trying to get someone to do the job, and not only that it is also very difficult when probably your new to the area or maybe misplaced the card or phone number of any local transporter, sometimes many people will often have to rely on a friend who may have other things doing and you may just end up seeing yourself as a big inconvenience.

Transporting items like a vehicle or boat is even a bigger hassle than when you just want a sofa or a fridge delivered to an address, more times than not you end up finding one person somewhere and they come up with this extraordinary price that spells out “take it or leave it” so you end up either having to pay the huge amount or have your item move delayed indefinitely.

In times like this you can just go on your computer or smart phone and type, list the item you want moved and wait a good number of transporters in your area will place a bid for the job, simply check the transporter out, ask questions you need to ask and accept the bid. It’s easy and saves you a lot of money.


We all have needs daily and these needs we try to meet, most times its more convenient to go online because it’s easier and in most cases we can get a better deal, when people go online to buy furniture or stuff in general they always turn to websites like EBay because they are known to be the biggest online, so many times sellers that have large items would prefer buyers to collect in person because of the obvious cost of transporting large items. In times like this is where the buyers turn to because the hassle of transportation has been passed down to them and they have to sort something out, they in turn run to and list the item they want moved and you can be assured that their EBay purchase will have a transporter bidding fairly to take on the work in minutes, they have their item delivered and money saved.

Furniture delivery can range from sofa to fridge to TV and can be of different sizes, always remember to tell the transporter if the delivery or pick up location has stairs involved and what floor it is to be delivered or picked up from to enable the transporter quote you fairly, you do not want to give transporters incorrect information and having them charge you a higher amount on getting to the address.


In big and small cities where ever you are there is always someone moving in or moving out, most times you find out that you find people struggling to get a transporter to help with the move especially when they are not really in the social circle/new in the community or have many friends/family or contacts they usually struggle and when they get older it’s even worse. When an office has to be moved you have so many things to worry about finding a good transporter should not be one of your worries at all.

In an office move there could be so much to move depending on the size of the office, in some cases a whole office building might be needing to relocate and the cost of relocating starts becoming a real problem but not to worry that’s why you have, just list what needs to be moved, if you need extra men as a helping hand just state it and you will have transporters bidding to do your job, when transporters bid the client is always the winner saving loads of money in the end.


Sometimes it could be a lonely world, sometimes your away from your loved ones, friends, family and you need to get things done, sometimes you may not need anything moved to another address but want something switched in your apartment, for instance you may want your big sofa from your front room come to your bedroom upstairs and you want your piano from your bedroom upstairs take the place of your sofa in the living /front room, all you have to do again is login to and state what you want done, in minutes you will have transporters bidding to do the job.

Note that not every transporter may have the required amount of men needed for the lifting so do ask questions and have all your questions answered before you accept a bid, remember there is no obligation to accept any bid, but once you have accepted you are obliged to pay the transporter unless you and the transporter have made other mutual arrangements.


When you live in a big city you find out that people move in and out a lot, most times these accommodations are very expensive and a lot of people struggle to meet up with payments, others may have come from other cities and live in temporal accommodations only to move at short notices or have other problems or face difficulties that will have them move at short notice, or maybe you will be out of town for a while on holiday or work experience or some private business and it would not make practical sense paying rent for an accommodation while away so you may want to store your properties and you want it stored where it will be safe.

Storage can also be difficult when you don’t know the area well or if you are not driving it could be a hassle parking and getting a safe storage site to store your items, you can once again rely on to help link you to reputable transporter who will come to you, pack and store your items at a good rate, you will go on your journey and come back to find your items just the way you left them in the storage.


This is a very important and delicate service because most transporters do not carry pets in their vehicles for many personal reasons, there are dedicated transporters who deal with this sort of transportation and would do it at a very fair price. provides trustworthy transporters the opportunity to get in touch with you and do your job; you can be sure that once you list your pet transportation job on our website you will find a good few transporters bidding for the job, please be advised that you need to give transporters any special instructions as communication is the key, do not assume the transporter will know about certain conditions that may be peculiar to your pet, any helpful information that the driver needs to know is of great importance to the well being and general care of your pet. Also ask for the type of insurance they have just to be sure that your pet is covered, it’s your responsibility to ensure you get it right before you accept a bid.


You can always have the services of your good old “man and van”, a lot of people would prefer just a man and van service because most time they are just Sole traders trying to make a living and they could be a lot cheaper than the regular removal companies around. Especially when you don’t have a lot to move these “man and van” services are quite affordable because most times you are just paying for a man and a van so you help out with the lifting and other moving arrangements.

Normally you can list your job and have them bidding in minutes, just make sure you write what needs to be done so you can get the best bid, when you estimate what needs to be moved make sure you try and be honest because when you list less than what you have to be moved you only get the transporter angry and they will increase the fare, so try as much as you can to be honest in your listing so you will not be disappointed in the end, always try to book in advance as well so as to help you plan properly and not rush into making mistakes, forgetting stuffs or breaking items.


Courier services are a necessity in every city big and small, from little letters to big parcels they all need to get to their destination, will ensure you link up with the right people who can do the job and for the right price, all you have to do is login to and list the job, you will get transporters bidding in a such while to do your job, click and accept the best bid and that’s it, it’s never been easier than this.

Always remember to arrange with transporters properly, and allow time for delivery because of traffic and unforeseen circumstances, while trying to save money be considerate and friendly to our transporters and they will offer you the best service and be of better assistance to you, remember if you smile at someone there is a greater chance they smile back at you, treat people with respect and you will be respected.

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